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Friday, June 22, 2012

Me. Meat on my bones. Love it or leave it.

Hey- yeah, umm, I know I have no followers anymore since I abandoned this blog and started writing about wine and food. But today on my trek up some stairs in my neighborhood during my new summer workout regime, I had a thought. I had a few thoughts, actually.

But, this particular thought is sortof ironic, or relevant, or something.... see, I've lost all of my literary knowledge thanks to Facebook and the absence of stream-of-conscience blogging.

What I wanted to say is this: I'm okay. As I'm running up and down the rock steps I realize, I'm okay. I'm doing this, but only to maintain. Only to stay the 15 pounds over what I weighed back before I had Izabel. Only to stay an acceptable weight and form, at my apparently(?) advanced age, to continue eating great food, drinking great wine and having the fun that I have with the great people in my life. And that's fine with me. GREAT! Yeah, that's right, I'm embracing my Kim-Kardashian ass and owning that shit. Obviously, I would be willing to suffer otherwise. Granted, if I gave up the wine and lived on a stupid ass paleolithic diet or whatever for a while, I'd get back to the pre-baby weight of my 20s but, then what??? I love cooking, eating and drinking the wine and y'know what? I have a whole lotta fucking fun in life. It's just not worth it to me. It's my choice. I eat whole food, don't take pills and drink decent wine, and I'm good. I'm like Stuart Smalley: I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonnet, I'm worth it. So for those of you constantly depriving yourselves of things you love, have at it. Count me out. Personally, I've just realized I'm OK, and no one else in my life is complaining about me besides me...

So, if I see you at the pool this summer in my larger bikini, plastic Riedel
-esque glass of chardonnay in hand, bag of nuts in the other, know this: I own this shit. I will not stop running the steps and doing hot yoga. I'm rockin' the ghetto booty and lovin' it. I will not stop cooking risotto, complete with full-fat cheese every few weeks, and I will not stop the lovely wine. It's a liberating thought that I'm more happy to be a fit yogi chick with some meat on her bones than a skinny hungry bitchy one! This is me!  no smaller, no bigger, just right. This is me. Love it or leave it Tommy!

Now, for that second helping of risotto, guilt not included.....


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